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Mid'Town Museum

Koko's Gourd Art.

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Koko's Gourd Art.
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Gourds are one of the oldest cultivated crops that are believed to have spanned the entire globe in prehistoric times. They were known mostly by cultures in temperate and tropical zones because this is where gourds grow best. Gourds were most commonly used for storing supplies, hauling water, making cooking and eating utensils, musical instruments, bird feeders,bird houses, and rattles. Today gourds are still considered one of nature's greatest gifts to mankind.

One Bad Apple
This cute little fella is out to ruin that apple but with a face like this how could he!

Covered Bridge Gourd. This one is my choice of favorites.


Buffalo & Horse, what a gourd

Who Cares!!!
The ever watching owl, Keeper & Protector of the Night



One of the beautiful Gourds painted by Joyce. This one depicts the Eagle Emblem. A sacred animal as many animals are in the Native American Nation.
"A representation of freedom, a way of viewing the world from a place that few have ever witnessed" unknown


This deciption of a dwelling is one of the nicest, it is lit in the back and throws a hidden picture in it's background, it something you will have to find yourself when you visit Mid'Town Museum.


This piece is stunning with it's bright colors and skilled carvings, showing a woman in bright colors walking...