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Mid'Town Museum

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Mid'town Museum of Native Cultures is dedicated to the original caretakers of this nation with the main stress on educating our existing and future generations.

Midtown's Favorite Girl

One of the many outfits on display at Mid'town. Joesphine "Josie" is our Mascot, come see the other great items and artifacts at Mid'town Museum

Drums, Pipes, Flutes, some of the many things on display at Mid'Town



Mid'Town houses the private collection of Native American Items used by Joyce Jones.

  • Dioramas
  • Dolls
  • Clothing
  • Stone tools
  • Hands-On items

What tribe name means "Roast till you pucker"???

What does a depth gauge for planting look like ???

What tribe lived in log cabins long before white settlers???





Breastplate and other American Indian Clothing

Teak Wood Bouncing Feet

 Located 40 miles south of the "Battle of Tippecanoe". Take 25 South to Waynetown & in the middle of the downtown business district, and only three blocks west of the old Pioneer Cemetery where William Bratton, a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, is buried.
Although there's not alot to see in Waynetown, it's well worth the trip to see the Museum.

FEE: Adults $2.00 Children $1.00 Seniors $1.50

Group Tours Call for price

102 East Washington Street (Corner of Washington & Vine)

Located on Hwy 136 in Waynetown Indiana



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Museum Hours
Tuesday-Friday 9-5
Saturday 9-2
Closed Sunday & Monday
Ph 765-376-1728
or 765-275-2328
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